Hosting opportunity


We specialize in tour operating services that offer memorable cultural experiences to families hosting Japanese students, and we strive to foster mutual understanding between the U.S. and Japan. A host family’s support and hospitality play an important role for students visiting from Japan, and we cannot continue to offer cultural and homestay experiences without your support. US-JC is always seeking potential families who would be interested in hosting Japanese students for short- or long-term stays.


Q. Where can I find program information?


You can check on our website. USJC staff will keep the information updated regularly so that you could see what kind of programs are available.

Q. What is student age range?


Mostly, they are high school students (15-17 years old). We also have junior high school students (12-14 years old) and college students (+18 years old).

Q. What are the requirements?

1. Provide a sleeping space (private bedroom)

2. Speak in English

3. Provide three meals (breakfast, lunch – sack lunch, and dinner)

4. A student as part of your family member

Q. How can I become a host family?


Please fill out the online application form. As soon as we receive it, we will contact you for further information and to arrange an home visit.

We do also require background check for every family member over 21 years old.

Q. Do I get compensation?


Yes, we provide compensation depending on the length of the program and number of students you host.

Q. If a hosted student feels sick and (or) he/she needs to be taken to the doctor, what should I do?


Please contact USJC staff immediately. We will communicate with a student to determine his/her condition; if necessary, a member of the USJC staff will take him/her to the doctor or ER and provide translation support, help take care of billing, etc..


Each student is required to have international insurance from Japan, and they will have/be given an emergency contact information card upon their arrival day during the orientation. USJC staff phone number(s) and the USJC emergency phone number will be on the card.

If you are interested, please contact us via email or by phone so that we can provide you with more information about our company and about future programs.

Tel: 503-917-3707 Email:              


you can apply through our online application form(click!)