I do not know where to begin! This experience has been so pleasant and so fulfilling! Being in a position to care for others was very beneficial for me, and making new friends was such a blessing!
She’s a fantastic young woman who made a very good impression on all of us. Everyone had tears in their eyes Sunday morning, and really didn’t want to see her leave. We’re already planning on having her visit again next summer. There was just so much more we wanted to do, and 2 weeks just wasn’t enough time. We will also be going to Japan next year, and will get the opportunity to see her and meet her family. Thank you again for the opportunity of welcoming a new member to our family.
We had an incredible time with the two great, young women who stayed with us. They really became part of our family and we will miss them terribly.
As this was my first experience hosting international students, our time was unforgettable!! We laughed, played games, ate Lots of American food, shopped, played in downtown and visited the Coast! It was so fun cooking for them and sharing our culture with them.
I enjoyed hosting them. They were great guests and very polite as thoughtful. I hope to keep in touch with them in the future.
Host family coordinator was wonderful in preparing me regarding the teachers needs.
You (US-J Connect) did a great job coordinating this event. You kept it simple with clear communication. I look forward to working with in future.
You’ve (US-J Connect) provided us with the perfect guest, whom we very much enjoyed taking on our Oregon adventures. In a very short three weeks we built a very strong emotional relationship.
The program went very smooth for us. I have no complaints at all. Thanks again and hope to host for you in the future.
They are wonderful young women and we enjoyed very much having them stay with us.
They are very respectful, caring, and loving individuals. Both are wonderful teachers who really care about their students. It’s been a blessing to get to know them and now we consider them family. They will always be our Japanese family.